Polycount Art Jam

The Dullahan Rides Forth
by brdiefenbach
on Sketchfab


This was my entry for the Polycount Handpaint Art Jam for March 2015. Due to various circumstances I was unable to complete it until recently. The theme was Ireland, so I went for the Dullahan from Irish Mythology. They ride around the countryside and visit people when it is their time to die.

I used this as an opportunity to test out a character model I had been working on with topology based on the models taken from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It is always interesting to see how models from other games were put together.

Despite my best efforts, I was not able to make a very good rig for the skirt so I had to do a lot of touch ups in post before putting the model online. I feel as though I learned quite a bit from the process and it’ll hopefully be useful going forward for the next character or creature that I create.